Online Safety Bill (2024)

SMS "e-referendum" on the Online Safety Bill

UPDATE (23 Jan 2024, 10:22pm) - Interim result. Voting is still open.

January 20, 2024

The government of Sri Lanka is pushing ahead with plans to debate the controversial Online Safety Bill (OSB) in parliament on 23 January 2024, despite widespread concerns from the public, the main opposition, and organisations including the Asia Internet Coalition (which includes Amazon & Google).

Critics warn that by imposing imprisonment and fines against ill-defined "prohibited statements", this law will cripple opposition election campaigns, silence journalists reporting on corruption, and will severely impact the IT industry.

If you would like to express your opposition to the Online Safety Bill through this SMS "e-referendum", you may send "OSB NO" to 0767 001 001. More about the e-referendum solution and privacy policy.

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