Next steps for the SMS "e-Referendum"

MP Harsha De Silva tables the results of our "e-Referendum" in Parliament

Newspaper coverage

30 Jan, 2024

The IT Professionals for the People (IT4P) would like to thank all those who participated in the recent SMS "e-Referendum" on the Online Safety Bill, those who helped make the solution possible, and all organisations, journalists and news outlets who provided broad coverage.

Your efforts made it possible for the voice of nearly 4000 citizens to be accurately recorded, publicised and even tabled in parliament in little over 24 hours. It is a small indicator of what could be possible with more longer term, concerted efforts.

This unofficial SMS e-Referendum format is special in that it:

We believe this is the future of democracy -- citizens voting directly on policy, rather than electing representatives who may, for various reasons, deviate from the wishes of their constituents. Swiss referendums (or "popular initiatives") are a good present-day example of direct democracy that exists alongside representative democracy.

IT4P hopes for your continued support, as we plan to expand these SMS e-Referendums to cover more policy decisions of national interest